Money Matters

Money Matters

We believe we are stewards/caretakers, of the many gifts God has given. So much has been entrusted to us, this glorious creation and its resources, our varied abilities, time and energy to use them, work to do, financial resources, family, friends…! We give thanks for these gifts and use them with care. We choose to invest our time, talent, and treasure in ways that will make a creative difference. We serve in many ways in both church and community. When it comes to financial giving, we strive to bring to God our “first fruits,” a carefully considered proportion of our income. For many, the tithe (one-tenth) is the standard for such giving. Here are some brief descriptions of our congregation's funding system.

General Fund

This fund is the “operating budget” for our congregation. This is made up of all undesignated offerings we receive at our Sunday worship, money raised at our annual fund-raiser, and fees received for church use. The General Fund pays for the day-to-day ministry of LWCC: utilities, maintenance, salaries, fees, licenses, educational materials, hospitality for special occasions and fellowship activities, and numerous other aspects of ongoing church life. A portion of our operating budget is designated to outreach ministries locally and globally.

Capital Fund

Capital funds are specifically used for building and property. Mortgage payments, building improvements, and major maintenance are paid for out of capital funds. If you would like to donate to the capital fund you may simply designate “capital” on your gift or you may designate your gift for a specific project.

Kirkpatrick/Webster Permanent Fund

This fund provides scholarships for young people to attend church camp and participate in other youth activities, such as youth choir trips, regional, and general activities. It is LWCC's only “permanent fund,” thus only the interest is used; the principle in the fund is not touched. This fund is named in honor of Hewitt Kirkpatrick and George & Rose Webster. To contribute to the Kirkpatrick/Webster fund, simply write “K/W” on your donation.

We celebrate the generosity of all those who contribute so generously with financial resources, time commitments, talents, and abilities. If you have questions about how you can contribute and participate please feel free to contact us.

Money Matters
“Our value is not determined by what we have but by what we send out into the world. The giving of gifts, tithes, and talents to LWCC gives us the opportunity to expand our ministry from our doorstep 'to the ends of the earth' (Acts 1:8).”
-- Sandy